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Winding Machines Factory

As China winder machine manufacturers and winding machines factory, Dahua offer wholesale winder machines for sale. We will help you produce efficiently and solve slitting problems with one click. With the application of intelligent technologies, our products have achieved high efficiency and high-quality production with minimum dependence on operators. Currently, our products have been very popular among customers because of reliable R&D technologies, complete product series, superior quality and reasonable price, the products are exported to Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries.
  • Winder Machine

    Winder Machine
    Winder Machine
    Winder Machine
    Winder Machine
    Key factors
    1.Special designed machine depend on customer’s request.
    2.Making with production line.
    3.The sales decision will influenced by location, line technology and international travelling.

Basic Parameter

Slitting Material Film material such as flexible packaging film, BOPET, 
BOPP, BOPA, CPP,BOPI,PE,battery separating film, 
special paper, etc
(Depend on request)
Material Thickness 12um upwards
(Depend on material)
Winding Width 1200mm-7500mm
(Depends on request)
Winding Diameter 300mm-1500mm
(Depend in request)
Winding Mode Center Winding
(Gap mode / Contact mode)
Winding Station Dual Shaft 
Slitting System Edge cutting or without edge cutting
Web Cutting Flying knfie/ Direct cut
(static tip can be added)
Osciallation   Can be optional
Machine Speed m/min 10-500 m/min
Control System SIEMENS Servo(Germany)
Roller Surface Cork tape/rubber/metal/carbon fiber
Remote Control Service Include

*Special customized machine, the sales decision will depend on production line situation, technology, International travelling and buyer’s country etc.

Intelligent slitter, one key solution

  • Reduce the dependence on users.
    A good assistant for high efficiency production.
    Freshman can produce perfect product.
  • Not only buy a machine,but also get a brain.
    Process Expert
    Operation Expert
    Maintenance Expert


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