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Slitter Rewinder Machine Manufacturers

Dahua Industry Control Technology Co., Ltd is China slitter rewinder machine manufacturers and slitter rewinders suppliers, we offer wholesale rewinder/doctor machines for sale at factory price. With the application of intelligent technologies, our products have achieved high efficiency and high-quality production with minimum dependence on operators. Currently, our products have been very popular among customers because of reliable R&D technologies, complete product series, superior quality and reasonable price, the products are exported to Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries.
  • Rewinder Doctor Machine

    Rewinder Doctor Machine
    Rewinder Doctor Machine
    Rewinder Doctor Machine
    Rewinder Doctor Machine
    Rewinder Doctor Machine
    Rewinder Doctor Machine
    Rewinder Doctor Machine
    Rewinder Doctor Machine
    Key factors
    1.Special designed machine depend on customer’s request.
    2.It can instill CCD camera, splicing table, ink, welding.
    3.SIEMENS servo or Inovance(China)system.

Basic Parameter

Slitting Material Film material such as flexible packaging film, BOPET, 
BOPP, BOPA, CPP,PE,metalizing film,coating film,
lamination film, blowing film, calender film,paper and 
paper board, etc
(Depend on request, quote based on customer material)
Material Thickness 2.5um upwards
(Depend on material)
Unwinding Width Min 100um upwards
(Depend on request)
Unwinding Diameter 300mm-1500mm
(Depends on request)
Rewinding Width Same as mother roll
Rewinding Diameter Same as mother roll
Winding Mode Surface Center Winding/Center Winding
(shaft type or station type)
Slitting System Edge cutting or without edge cutting
Machine Speed m/min 400m/min, 600m/min, 800m/min
(Depend on requst)
Control System SIEMENS Servo(Germany)/Inovance Servo (China)
Roller Surface Cork tape/rubber/metal
Reverse function Can be optional 
Other auxiliary equipment  Can be optional 
Remote Control Service Include

*The detail specifications depend on request.

  • CCD Camera

  • Online edge guide

  • Splicing table

Intelligent slitter,one key solution

  • Reduce the dependence on users.
    A good assistant for high efficiency production.
    Freshman can produce perfect product.
  • Not only buy a machine,but also get a brain.
    Process Expert
    Operation Expert
    Maintenance Expert


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Industry Knowledge

The role of Slitter Rewinder Machine

The role of a slitter rewinder machine is to accurately cut large rolls of material into narrower strips or rolls of a specific width and then rewind them onto smaller cores. This is a critical process in many manufacturing and production industries, such as paper, plastic, film, textiles, and metal processing, where materials are used in a variety of applications.

The slitter rewinder machine performs the following roles:

Unwinding: The machine unwinds the large roll of material and feeds it through the slitting section.

Slitting: The material passes through the slitting section where precision blades cut it into narrower strips or rolls of a specific width. The machine can be equipped with different types of blades for different materials.

Rewinding: The cut material is rewound onto smaller cores or shafts to create narrower rolls of the desired width. The machine can be equipped with different numbers of shafts to accommodate different rewinding requirements.

Inspection: The machine can be equipped with inspection systems to detect defects or inconsistencies in the material during the cutting process. This allows for quick identification and correction of issues, reducing material waste and improving quality control.

Control: The machine can be equipped with control systems to monitor and adjust various parameters, such as speed, tension, and cutting width, ensuring the production of high-quality and consistent finished products.

Overall, the slitter rewinder machine plays a crucial role in the production process of many industries, allowing for the efficient and accurate cutting of materials into narrower strips or rolls of a specific width, which can then be used for various applications. It improves production efficiency, reduces waste, and ensures high-quality finished products.

The production steps of Slitter Rewinder Machine

The production steps involved in manufacturing a slitter rewinder machine may vary depending on the specific design and requirements of the machine. However, here are the basic production steps that are involved in the manufacturing of a slitter rewinder machine:

Design: The first step is to design the slitter rewinder machine based on the specific requirements of the customer. This involves determining the machine's specifications, such as the maximum roll width, thickness, speed, and other key features.

Fabrication: The machine's frame, shafts, and other components are fabricated according to the design using specialized machinery such as lathes, milling machines, and welding equipment.

Assembly: The components are assembled to form the main body of the machine. This includes installing the slitting section, rewinding section, control systems, and other components.

Testing: Once the machine is assembled, it is tested to ensure that all components are functioning correctly, and the machine meets the customer's requirements. This involves running the machine with different materials and testing its performance under different conditions.

Inspection and Quality Control: After testing, the machine undergoes a detailed inspection and quality control process to ensure that it meets the required standards and specifications. Any defects or issues are identified and corrected.

Shipping and Delivery: Once the machine is approved for shipment, it is packaged and delivered to the customer's location. The machine may require disassembly and reassembly at the customer's site, depending on its size and complexity.

Overall, the production steps involved in manufacturing a slitter rewinder machine require specialized knowledge and equipment to produce a high-quality machine that meets the customer's requirements.


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