What Are The Performance Characteristics Of Plastic Film Slitters?


8 performance characteristics of Plastic Film Slitter :

1. The film slitting machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and has the performance and characteristics of an A4 copy paper cutting machine.

2. The center coiling method, the main machine of the film slitting machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.

3. The film slitting machine is controlled by a PLC touch screen, and the servo motor controls the cutting to length.

4. The transmission system of the film-slitting machine adopts centralized control of pneumatic and photoelectric sensors. The film-slitting machine integrates light, electricity, and gas. Simple operation and high cutting precision. The film-slitting machine can automatically arrange the waste edge of the round knife (or flat knife structure).

5. The film-slitting machine is mechanically stable and has low noise.

6. Film slitting machine motor frequency conversion control, manual feeding or pneumatic automatic feeding, unwinding shaft with cone sleeve type air expansion shaft (3, 6), automatic counting, alarm, and other functions, unwinding adopts photoelectric automatic correction system, so that no The regular material can be cut normally or the air-sensitive oil pressure type contralateral system.

7. Magnetic powder clutch type tension control, automatic counting, alarm stop, magnetic powder tension control, axis A, B winding inflation.

8. The film slitting machine can cut vertically in multiple sections, and the fan automatically eliminates waste edges.

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