This article will take you through the basic knowledge of polarizers

1.What is polarizer?
Polarizer (Cpolarizer) is one of the key upstream materials in the electronic display industry. Its essence is a composite film, mainly composed of PVA film, TAC film, pressure-sensitive adhesive, release film and protective film. It is currently the industry's most popular material. One of the most popular industries for investment.

2. Structure of polarizer
The polarizer is composed of protective film, TAC film, PVA film, TAC film, PSA film (pressure sensitive adhesive), and release film from top to bottom. The raw material cost of the polarizer accounts for 80% of the total production cost, of which TAC Accounting for about 50% of the cost, optical grade PVA film accounts for 12%, glue 5-10%, protective film and release film 15%, chemical materials 5%, and other costs account for 10%.

PVA and TAC are the most important film layers. PVA is the core film material that forms the polarization function of the polarizer. It plays a decisive role in the performance of key optical indicators such as polarization performance, transmittance, and hue of the polarizer. On the one hand, the TAC film serves as a support for the PVA film to ensure that the extended PVA will not shrink; on the other hand, it protects the PVA film from damage by water vapor, ultraviolet rays and other external substances.
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3.Application scope of polarizer
Polarizers have a wide range of applications. They can not only be used as polarizing materials on LCDs, but can also be used in sunglasses, anti-glare goggles, filters for photographic equipment, anti-glare treatments for car headlights and light intensity adjusters, among others. There are polarized microscopes and special medical glasses.

4. Classification of polarizers
At present, polarizers are mainly divided into two categories of products, one is black and white polarizers, and the other is color polarizers. Since color polarizers have a wide range of downstream applications, they occupy a major market position. Color polarizers can be further divided into TFT-LCD polarizers and OLED polarizers. Currently, TFT-LCD polarizers occupy 96.7% of the polarizer market and are the core products in polarizers.

5. Performance indicators of polarizer
When selecting polarizers, we need to pay attention to the following performance indicators from three aspects: bonding performance, optical performance and reliability:

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