Slitter Machinery Manufacturer Introduces Slitter Knife Replacement Process


Slitter Machinery Manufacturer Introduces Slitter Knife Replacement Process

1. Replace the cutter:

Due to the high-efficiency planar enveloping toroidal worm reducer, it has no self-locking property, the main motor stops, and after the cutting tool change selection switch is pulled to the tool change position, the transmission has lost its brake, the safety device has lost its protection, and the knife The bed may slide down in a static state, which may seriously endanger safety. Therefore, in this state, it must be confirmed that the knife bed stops reliably, and it can only be operated below when a wooden pad is added under the blade.

When changing the cutting knife, first turn off the main motor, wait for about 2 minutes, and after confirming that the transmission belt has completely stopped running, place two wooden tool changers (provided by the manufacturer) under the blade, and switch the cutting knife on the switch panel. The selector switch is set to the tool change position, and the tool bed function selector switch must be at the cutting position. Use a sleeve to rotate the nut on the end face of the pulley, remove all the connecting screws on the blade, and then use the hexagonal wrench to push the knife-hanging device inward for about 4MM, disengage the brake of the knife-hanging device, rotate the knife hanging device to place the blade on the two wooden tool changers smoothly, install the two tool change handles, remove the blade, and pay attention to holding the blade to prevent overturning and hurting people.

① Confirm the purpose of the operation and do not press or touch the button by mistake.
②Do is not put your arm under the knife bed and paper presser.

2. Install the cutter

Firstly, confirm that the start button of the main motor is in the stop state, and confirm that the pulley of the main motor is in a static state, install the sharpened blade on the tool changer, and then push the tool changer together with the blade to the front knife bed of the paper presser to install the blade Set the cutting tool change selection switch to the tool change position at the right end, turn the knife hanging device according to the method mentioned above, raise the blade to the highest position, install the blade connecting screw and tighten it, and then loosen the tool changer. 2 handles, after removing the tool changer, install the remaining blade connecting screws and tighten them;

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