Plastic Film Slitter Manufacturing Process And Use Environment Requirements


A plastic Film Slitter is a mechanical device that can cut wide paper or film into various narrow materials. It is commonly used in paper machines and printing/packaging machines. The slitting machine should cut the entire roll or sheet of raw materials to a fixed length, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, films, leather, wood chips, etc. The process requirements for the operation of the slitting machine are as follows:

1. The slitting machine must cut the whole roll or raw materials (plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, films, leather, wood chips, etc.) into fixed lengths. Cut-to-length slitter controls are used for processing.
2. The gap length can be set continuously. If there is an error in the actual gap length, it can be set by setting parameters.
3. Easy calibration. The most important performance index of the fixed-length slitting machine is the precision of the slitting machine, and the length of the finished product is constant.
4. Fixed-length slit control can be divided into two types: static slit and dynamic slit. After reaching the set length, it stops precisely, performs static cutting, and restarts after slitting. When the set length is reached, the machine stops running and sends out a sewing signal, and when the material is moved, the sewing machine dynamically performs sewing and processing. The work of the slitter also has requirements for the environment. The operating environment of the slitting machine directly affects the characteristics and service life of electrical appliances and components.

A plastic Film Slitter is mainly used for slitting mica tape, paper, insulation materials, and various film materials, especially narrow tape materials. The environmental requirements of the slitting machine are as follows:

1. Try to avoid high temperatures and high humidity, the humidity is less than 90% relative humidity, and there is no rain.

2. Avoid direct sunlight on the slitting machine equipment.

3. The equipment should be placed in an environment free of flammables, corrosive gases, and liquids.

4. The installation base of the slitter is fixed and free from vibration. A suitable operating environment can not only reduce maintenance frequency but also reduce equipment loss and prolong the service life of the slitter. In the process of operating the slitter, the above requirements should be met. Proper operation and use of the slitter are what we need.

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