Paper Slitter's Operating Procedures


Paper Slitter's operating procedures:

1. The operator must understand the structure and usage of the machine.

2. The paper cutting blade must be kept sharp, especially when cutting hard or thick paper, it will greatly increase the load of the machine and make the machine unable to operate normally.

3. The paper presser relies on the operator's touch to stop pressing the paper. Do not press blindly. When the paper is hard, the thickness of the paper should be appropriately reduced to avoid damage to the machine.

4. When the paper to be cut is narrow, please do not place it on the edge of the machine, it is better to place it in the center of the platform, and reduce the pressure appropriately, so as to avoid the worm gear and screw from tilting due to unbalanced force, and speed up the screw and nut. wear and tear. Even damage the worm gear reducer.

5. Fill the lubricating parts of the machine with lubricating oil on time as shown in Figure 5, and do a good job of cleaning frequently. Keep the oil passage of the machine unblocked. The lubricating part of the machine (see Figure 5).

6. Before starting the machine, check whether all parts of the machine are normal, and pay attention to whether there are people around. If there is an abnormal sound or jamming after driving, stop the machine immediately and check the reason.

7. When the machine is wiping, refueling, adjusting, checking, and repairing, the power must be cut off first. When changing the blade and after replacing the new blade, the pulley should be turned by hand first, and the knife position and the skid should be checked before it can be sent. motor.

8. When the motor is running, it is strictly forbidden to put fingers into the knife door.

9. It is not allowed to place other debris on the working platform of the machine, such as oil pots, tools, and other supplies, to prevent the machine from being damaged.

10. Regularly check the machine for loose or malfunctioning parts. Check whether the electrical part of the machine and the insulation of the motor are normal.

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