Machine Features Of Slitter Rewinder Machine


Machine Features of Slitter Rewinder Machine :

1. Rewinding adopts a 3-inch inflatable reel and magnetic powder tension controller for rewinding. The slitting operation is simple, and the maximum rewinding diameter can reach 600mm; the rewinding is beautiful and regular;

2. The cutter can use an industrial surgical blade or a flat knife (art blade) adjustable between 18[2] mm-1600mm;

3. The spindle and the round knife use a step-less speed change system, which can be used as up and down speed regulation and forward rotation switching control; the electronic speed regulation system is convenient and simple;

4. Equipped with a double-sided diamond grinding and sharpening system; the knife can be sharpened without disassembly so that the blade remains sharp for a long time; to achieve the best cutting quality, and it is equipped with a vacuum load to keep the cloth and track clean;

5. Imported fine ball screw and slide rail are used to advance the cutting width in parallel, and the imported AC motor adjustment system can steplessly adjust and control the cutting speed, so as to achieve high-precision cutting, and the accuracy can be controlled within 0.1mm;

6. Equipped with a high-precision deviation correction device system, so as to further ensure cutting accuracy;

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