How does the tension sensor used in ultra-wide primary slitter work?


The tension sensor used in an ultra-wide primary slitter is a critical component that measures the tension in the material being processed during the slitting operation. It provides real-time feedback to the control system, allowing for accurate and continuous adjustment of the tension to maintain desired levels. The tension sensor works based on various principles, but one commonly used type in slitting machines is the load cell tension sensor. Here's how it works:


1. Load Cell Principle: Load cells are transducers that convert force or load into an electrical signal. In the context of tension sensing, the load cell measures the force or tension applied to it by the moving material.


2. Mounting: The tension sensor is securely mounted in the unwind section of the slitting machine. It is strategically positioned to come into contact with the material as it unwinds from the roll.


3. Material Contact: As the material passes over or around the tension sensor, it exerts a force on the sensor due to the tension in the material. This force causes the load cell to deform slightly, generating a proportional electrical signal.


4. Electrical Output: The deformation of the load cell creates a change in its electrical resistance, which results in a corresponding change in voltage or current output. This electrical output is directly proportional to the tension force applied by the material.


5. Signal Processing: The electrical signal from the tension sensor is sent to the control system of the slitting machine for processing. The control system interprets the signal and uses it to calculate the tension in the material.


6. Closed-Loop Control: In a closed-loop tension control system, the control system compares the measured tension with the desired tension level. If there is any deviation, the control system makes adjustments to the unwind unit (such as the brakes) to regulate the tension and maintain it within the specified range.


7. Continuous Monitoring: The tension sensor continuously measures the tension in the material as it moves through the unwind section, providing real-time feedback to the control system. This enables the system to make rapid and accurate adjustments to maintain consistent tension during the slitting process.


The tension sensor's accurate and continuous measurement of the tension in the material is essential for achieving precise slitting results, minimizing material defects, and ensuring a smooth and efficient slitting operation in an ultra-wide primary slitter.

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