Common Problems And Solutions Of Slitter Rewinder Machine

Common problems and solutions of Slitter Rewinder Machine:
Abnormality 1: The length of the core tube is correct for the row copying. After the core tube is lowered to the front track, the trolley does not push the core tube to the corresponding position in the rear segment. Reason for abnormality: unknown (there is no abnormality in the instrument control inspection), solution: this batch of tubes is loaded manually, the knife is changed online, the order of copying is changed, or the width is changed to ±1-2mm (the latter is usually used to facilitate the core tube Hold operator), and then reset, and the next batch will be automatically loaded. Generally, it is enough to change the knife online once. This class has tried to change the knife online at most 3 times in a row.
Abnormality 2: The tool change is correct, the core tube has reached the ready position, and the sensor limit also senses the core tube, but the automatic tube down does not start, and the automatic tube down does not start. Solution: Reset, manual loading of this batch, online tool change, when the tool change is successful and manual loading, check whether the limit near the position of the push tube trolley is disturbed by damaged paper, after checking OK, drive, accelerate and then reset, automatic, should It can be OK.
Abnormality 3: The operator loaded the tubes too quickly and did not pay attention. When there were tubes in the track, the reset cleared the data, and the next batch of core tubes was automatically placed, resulting in a protection alarm for the motor of the push tube trolley. Don't worry, after unloading the paper, take out all the core tubes in the track, manually push the tube-pushing the trolley to the initial position on the inner touch screen, and the abnormality is resolved.

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