8 Advantages Of Paper Slitter


Paper Slitter belongs to the category of equipment accessories. It is used for the division and cutting of sheets in all walks of life. It does not need any molds; it is controlled by system software, and then directly cuts the product. As long as the corresponding parameters are set on the operating platform, the computer transmits the corresponding instruction to the cutting machine; the cutting machine will quickly cut according to the accepted design drawing, the automation program is high; the operation is simple. It is a cutting equipment used in many industries. So, let’s take a look at the 8 advantages of Paper Slitter :

1. Fast speed: a drawing can be completed in a few minutes, the machine can work 24 hours, and can be used for small batch production. No die required.

2. High precision: imported high-precision guide rails are adopted, and the precision can reach ±0.05MM.

3. Cutting-free mold-free: It can avoid the excessive investment cost of early proofing caused by customers' continuous modification of drawing files.

4. Good effect: the cutting effect is the same as that of the knife-molded product, avoiding the burning of the edge caused by the laser machine proofing.

5. The performance is higher than that of the laser machine: the laser will burn, and the cutting precision is high.

6. Wide range of cutting: deep thickness, many varieties, exclusive in China.

7. Environmental protection: no pollution, suitable for dust-free workshops, fully automatic computer program-controlled cutting.

8. Easy to operate: Free door-to-door installation and commissioning training, employees can operate production by themselves within 30 minutes.

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