5 Advantages Of Primary Slitter


Primary Slitter is mainly used in machinery and equipment such as paper mills. In popular words, it is to cut a very wide and large roll product into products of different widths. At the same time, we can generally check the quality of the product. Slitter It has many characteristics, and we can give full play to its characteristics when we operate it. Here are its 5 advantages:

1. There are two types of gear, which are divided into manual gear and automatic gear. The operation has an accurate mode and the precision is high.

2. It can be divided into two different winding methods: surface winding and intermediate winding.

3. When in use, it adopts the automatic tension mode and uses a round knife to segment the product accordingly. The quality of the segmented product is very up to standard, and the adjustment of the product is also very convenient.

4. The bearing surface of the slitting machine is taken from the middle part of the face, so that the quality of the selected roll is relatively uniform, and its stability will be more balanced when used.

5. The slitting machine can automatically count meters, and can also be automatically adjusted to stop mode, which is very convenient to use.

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